Zilis Starship: Automatic deliveries
with amazing rewards!

With the exciting Zilis starship program, you can enjoy convenient monthly delivery of your favorite Zilis products! You’ll always have the products you need, when you need them! You can save money and earn free products! Just pick the products you want and choose the day you want your order processed each month. It’s that easy! You can cancel or edit your order at any time.

Enjoy exclusive rewards with the
StarClub Loyalty Program!

Earning free gifts is easy

With our exciting new StarClub Loyalty Program, Zilis Ambassadors and wholesale customers can earn free gifts and free products for qualifying* monthly starship orders.

With this valuable program, the more consecutive starship orders you have, the more free products you can earn!

Get rewarded throughout the year

Monthly Gifts

Get free StarGifts each month! Free gifts can include products and more!

Quarterly Gifts

Get an extra StarGift each quarter through the first two years of your autoship!

Anytime Gifts

Earn StarPoints for each eligible order*. Redeem your points for free products anytime after your third month in the program.

*Discounted products, bundles, cases, and partner products do not apply to the StarClub Loyalty program. Other restrictions apply.

Steps to earn rewards

Step 1

Become a Zilis Ambassador or wholesale customer

Step 2

Select your eligible products

Step 3

Choose your starship date

Step 4

Get rewarded!

Ready to get started?